All events at this tournament will follow the Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation International (CTFI) Rules for Coloured Belt Competition and the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) Rules for Black Belt Competition. Copies of these rules are available on the CTFI website under the “Downloads and Resources” section.

Special additions to these rules are as listed below.


Coloured Belt Patterns

Competitors may perform the pattern of their rank or the pattern immediately below their current rank to accommodate recently promoted students. Coloured Belts may not perform any pattern above that of their current rank.

Individual Black Belt Patterns

Competitors will compete 1 to 1 and will perform simultaneously two (2) Designated Patterns appropriate to their degree. The first designated pattern will be one of the last three patterns regarding the level of degree. The second designated pattern is from pattern Chon-Ji to the level of degree.

Team Patterns Both teams shall perform one (1) optional and one (1) designated Pattern in the following order:

Team 1 – 1st optional pattern

Team 2 – 1st optional pattern

Team 1 – 2nd designated pattern

Team 2 – 2nd designated pattern

Free Sparring:


Coloured Belts ———————— 1 round of 2 minutes.

Black Belts under 14 —————– 2 rounds of 1.5 minutes

Black Belts 14-35 ——————– 2 rounds of 2 minutes.

Black Belts 36+ ———————– 2 rounds of 1.5 minutes

Mandatory Safety equipment:

o Hand, Foot and Head guards of an approved type (see below);

o Mouth guard – must be transparent with no colours;

o Groin protection for all males (must be worn inside the trousers);

Optional Safety equipment:

o Shin protectors of an approved type (no hard materials);

o Groin protection or chest protection for females (must be worn inside the dobok)

Approved types of sparring safety equipment:

Black Belts competing in the Junior and Senior divisions must have hand, foot and head protectors approved by ITF for international competition. Full details of approved equipment are available at:

Senior and Junior Black Belts will be required to wear either red or blue hand/foot/head protectors depending on their position in the draws. Senior and Junior Black Belts must have sets of both colours available.

Coloured Belts, Pre-Junior Black Belts (Age 13 and under) and Super Senior Black Belts (age 36+) may wear ITF approved gear or the standard foam safety gear such as Macho or Century. Any colour is allowed for this group, but we recommend red or blue (if you have it) to help the umpires.

No jewelry, piercings, watches or other adornments may be worn, hair may be kept in place using a material of a soft elastic nature only. Hard materials (e.g. plastic, wood or metal) are not allowed.

Students must compete with required safety equipment that is in good condition and covers the toes, fingers and heels properly. Students without required equipment may be disqualified. Competitors sharing equipment is welcomed.